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Happy new year to you all

Just returned home from a new year workshop at the meditation centre. Feeling fit and young again! So lucky to have a group of like-minded friends and the opportunity to meet every moment with wonder at the newness of 'just being'. 
.....Amused ...that my next door neighbor has just knocked on my door to ask for a couple of tea bags when the corner shop is only a five minute walk away... evidently it is too cold to make the effort!!!
Just finished a proof reading course so hoping to find some part-time work in the near future, please wish me luck.

Love to you all and wishing you a very happy, healthy 2013.


Have realised how important it is to feel caring. Looking after my daughter's dog for three months made me see how self orientated I had become. Having to walk her twice daily made me fitter. Seeing the world with new eyes as I watched her following scents and exploring places she had never seen before - like the beach; as she had been living in the country, was an interesting adventure. Love, consideration and sharing, letting go of selfish needs... so much animals can help us learn. I enjoyed helping her adjust to new situations, learn to be friendly with other dogs and learnt to let go of my own concern and feelings of responsibility when strange dogs approached us. Just meeting newness with trust and openness. The world reflects where we are coming from.

summer gardening

Arriving home after the workshop the garden was a wilderness so have spent many hours happily pulling up weeds, cutting grass, pruning climbers and shrubs. The effort was worthwhile and am enjoying the sunshine. Some new plants are growing in the greenhouse and tubs. A new red buddha is sitting in the front porch.

the first blocking experience

This site can seem somewhat strange at times. Friendship comes and goes.
Today someone blocked me because she misunderstood my comments. Obviously something I said offended her... completely unintentional on my part.
Her message was quite rude and said she felt I was embarrassing her in public.
We are of course freely encouraged to express our opinions here.
I felt it somewhat underhand that she admonished me privately in that way. She continued to be defensive despite my attempt at lightheartedness. Obviously that was also inappropriate in her opinion.
I cannot message her now but I will not block her from my profile.
I wish her well and hope her health continues to improve.

hello everyone

Hello again to this circle of friends on EP

Just returned home from a zen meditation workshop.  Living for nine days at a conference centre on a farm situated on the edge of moorland.  Feeling fitter, younger, refreshed and rejuvenated. Cycling, walking across the moor, collecting wood in the forest. Exercising practice. Walking barefoot on the grass, in the woods. Sitting watching the moon. Cooking for the group. Learning how to improve many skills, communicate well, sharing friendship and common interests. Listening to the wise words of the teacher. 

Just watched a program on tv - bbc iplayer called 'The Young Ones' about a group of six celebs who were monitored in an experiment which helped them feel young again. Did the mental agility tests and scored age 19 for one of them! All scores except my first attempt were considerably younger than my actual age!

Main points of the scientific results of the experiment were:-

Regular exercise has a powerful effect on the brain eg cycling
Recommendation  - exercise to increase heart rate for 30 mins five times a week.
Laughter and friendship are both supportive and therapeutic.
Empowerment gives confidence.
Take charge of your life, be responsible for your own decisions.
Believe you have the ability to do something.

Its so important to keep attempting to expand and extend what we can do. To stretch ourselves beyond that small box we've created that we think is who 'I' am.
Be big, be kind, be loving and true to your own essential nature - and if you think you've lost touch with that then get out amongst the trees, walk with nature by the river, barefoot on the sand, see the sun rise and set, the changes of light in the skies. Watch the moon and the stars.
Be well my friends.

Healing Circle

The idea arose from seeing other groups set up on EP to help individuals. As I have been involved in healing as part of my life for many years I am aware of the value of pooling resources and the powerfulness of loving kindness. So I invite you to partake in a Healing Circle here on EP. If you look on my profile page you will find the link in the experience section. You are welcome to join as a giver or a receiver or both.

Love to you all.

Celebrations - been here on EP - one year- april 7th!

Just realised its a year since I joined EP and would like to thank you all for so much. Its been fun - so interesting to meet new friends and express aspects of my creativity which were stagnating like the poet and the story writer. To be able to give some support to others and also receive support. Thanks for being on EP, thanks for sharing and please feel free to send PMs if you want to converse with me privately.

peace to all beings


I love all the seasons, each has its special quality of new delights.

This March there are still snowdrops flowering in my garden.

Springtime - daffodils - a line from William Wordsworth's poem 'and lo behold a host of golden daffodils'

The freshness of yellow flowers, pale primroses, purple crocuses.

Birds building their nests.  Frogspawn in the pond.

Easter eggs in the shops. chocolate eggs with white and yellow cream yolks.

Walking in the warm rain, barefoot on the grass.

The promise of Summer to come.

New Beginnings

Happy new year to you all - hope you've made a new year resolution - I love this time of year as beginning again is a very zen thing! ( that's mine by the way - to keep stepping into newness with delight)

Have had a very quiet time with lots of walking and sitting in meditation. Love the changeable weather and the challenge  of walking on ice - have found putting a pair of socks over my shoes helps keep me upright.  Had a fall straight down on my bottom the other day - the ground was so cold ice was like glass under the rain water - unusual for this part of the world.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy 2010 with lots of good luck and new friends.


today's Quote

A calm person, by virtue of his self-possession, is always at peace with others, always happy, always calm.

- by ----    Paramahansa Yogananda

.........An inspiration..........sometimes its difficult to be calm...... in this busy world

This quote reminds me .... the feeling, the memory of a calm state of being is an accessible device..... to return to.......

zen poem

When the curious ask you what it is

Don't affirm or deny anything

Anything affirmed is not true

Anything denied is not true

How can someone say what it is

When he has not fully known it?

And, knowing what letters can be sent

from a land where words find no road to travel?

To their questions therefore offer silence.

Only silence and a pointing finger.


The Joy of a Single Smile

A poem written by M.T. Slough, Berkshire found on BBC ceefax 14/10/09

Smiling is infectious, you catch it like flu.

When someone smiled at me today, I started smiling too.


I passed around a corner, and someone saw me grin.

When he smiled I realised, I'd passed it on to him.


I thought about that smile, Then realised its worth.

A single smile, just like mine, can travel round the Earth.


My mood: very cheerful

A Warrior's Creed

 'A Warrior's Creed' by a Japanese Samurai...........

I have no parents:

I make heaven and earth my parents

I have no home:

In the depths of Hara I make my home.

I have no divine power:

I make integrity my divine power.

I have no means:

humility is my means.

I have no magic power:

internal force is my magic.

I have no life or death:

I make the tides of breathing my life and death.


I have no body:

endurance is my body.

I have no eyes:

a flash of light and there are my eyes.

I have no ears:

sensitivity serves as my ears.

I have no limbs:

instantaneous movement:

there are my limbs.

I have no laws:

I make my own protection,

my law.

I have no strategy:

unshadowed by thought is my strategy.


I have no purpose:

'seizing the opportunity' is my purpose.

I have no miracles:

I make right action my miracle.

I have no principle;

adaptability to all circumstances;

there is my principle.

I have no tactics:

I make emptiness

and fullness my tactics.

I have no talent:

I make quick mind my talent.


I have no friend:

mind is my friend.

I have no enemy:

I make carelessness my enemy.

I have no armour:

I make benevolence and righteousness my armour.

I have no castle:

immovable mind is my castle.

I have no sword:

absence of self is my sword.

 (:..............................................fourteenth Century






bear with a stick

Origami Buddha

Doha by Ven Lama Gendun Rinpoche

Happiness cannot be found through great effort and will power,

but is already there in relaxation and letting go.


Don't strain yourself, there is nothing to do.

Whatever arises in mind has no importance at all,

Because it has no reality whatsoever.

Don't become attached to it.

Don't pass judgement.

Let the game happen on its own, springing up and falling back-

without anything changing- and all will vanish and reappear without end.


Only our searching for happiness prevents us from seeing it.

It is like a rainbow which you run after without ever catching it.

Although it does not exist,

It has always been there and accompanies you every instant.

don't believe in the reality of good or bad experiences - they are like rainbows.


Wanting to grasp the ungraspable, you exhaust yourself in vain.

As soon as you relax this grasping space is there - open, inviting and comfortable.

So, make use of it. All is yours already.


Don't search any further.

Don't go into the inextricable jungle looking for the elephant who is already quietly at home.

Nothing to do, nothing to force, nothing to want - and everything happens by itself.


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